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Terre di Agnolo Claim

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‘Terre di Agnolo’ is surrounded by the sunny and verdant Lunigiana hills of Northern Tuscany and enjoys a unique position facing the imposing Apuan Alps which dominate the landscape.

The farm produces excellent honey and low acidity olive oil, but its’ wine steals the show. All the produce of this location is of the finest quality, but the wine, be it red, white or rose’, surpasses all expectations!

Modern wines such as ‘Vento d’Estate’, ‘Cuccarello’, ‘Ombra di Luna’, ‘Soleado’, ‘Mezzanotte’ ‘Diamante and ‘Desire” are produced with passion by the owner Davi Girolamo and his team.

The wine can be purchased directly from the farm or shipped by courier both within Italy or abroad.

  • Person Davi Gerolamo
  • Address Agnolo di Fivizzano, 54013 Fivizzano, Massa Carrara, Italy