What are Wonderful Italia web browser requirements?

PC or Mac running one of the following:

– Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 (or higher)
– Mozilla Firefox
– Google Chrome
– Opera
– Safari

Adobe Flash Player version 12 or higher.

What are the requirements for broadcasting?

– A modern web browser.

– Adobe Flash Player version 12 or higher.

– Broadband internet connection with upload speed of at least 0,3 Mbps. Choosing a higher quality will increase the required upload speed.

– USB camera or built-in webcam on your PC or Laptop.

Which webcams are supported?

The vast majority of USB cameras will work with our broadcaster, however, in order to gain time and save money, we suggest to purchase our presetted webcams.

How do I broadcast?

Once you are logged in, fill in carefully the form with all your contents. If in compliance with our quality standard, we’ll authorize the publication in a few hours.

What do I do if no image appears in the Broadcaster?

Make sure your USB webcam is connected to your modem and you have installed the drivers that came with your webcam. After logging in and opening the Broadcaster, check to make sure you have selected a video source from the “Webcam Input” drop-down list. After you select the video source, your webcam should appear in the video window.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! Kindly read carefully our Membership Price List.

Operating costs

Electricity: about € 3 /year.
ADSL: the cost for internet connection depends on your operator.

How do I get a free Wonderful Italia account?

To start, click here.
Fill out the form with accurate information, so we can serve you promptly. Make sure to read our Terms of Service Agreement and check off the box acknowledging that you have done so. After you click submit, you will receive a confirmation email. Go to the link included in the email and you’ll be ready to begin!

What are the benefits of Advertising on Wonderful Italia?

Online Advertising should form an integral part of any marketing plan: it’s often the most cost-effective channel to reach engaged consumers in a targeted way, while getting unparalleled return on investment and tracking capabilities.

CamSky24 allows you to reach an exclusive audience in a quality editorial environment. We are a global brand with thousands of visitors from every country around the world and with a network of over 15 selected partners.

How does the Advertising Model work?

The Advertising Model, put simply, works like this: a brand pays us for space on our pages and on our webcam screenplay, which they can then use to put their own messages in front of you, our users/readers.

What are the demographics of Wonderful Italia users?

Our users are affluent and interested in Travels, Events, Sport and Luxury Estates. They are likely to have advanced degrees and annual income exceeding € 100,000.